Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Days in a Row of Posting....I May Spontaneously Combust


1.  After just spending an hour or two reading posts from my bloggy friends, I realize I really miss regular blogging.  Hence, two posts in one day.

2.  The dog is having serious anxiety right now.  I feel so sorry for her.  Every sound outside sends her over the edge.  Cleaning sends her over the edge.  Packing sends her over the edge.  Poor baby--her hypervigilance started when she was sent to the pound by owners that moved, and wasn't helped by the hell that was Richmond.  I put her Thundershirt on her first thing, and put music on while I'm working, but she is still.....over the edge.  I just want the move to be over so she can start to relax again.

Not our girl, but thanks for the Image

3.  We have this kitty named Lucy.  She wasn't a lightweight when we got her, but she ballooned up to a crazy 20 pounds.  She couldn't clean her butt--let me tell you, shaving and scrubbing a cat's butt is no fun.  I did some research, and found this amazing website by Dr. Pierson.  We switched the cats to all wet food (Wellness), all the time.  Lucy started at 20 pounds (!!!) and is now 17 lbs.  She can clean her own butt again!!  She seems so much happier, and is definitely healthier!!  Thank you, Dr. Pierson!

4.  The wind is blowing like crazy.  Ginger is....you guessed it, over the edge.  She is afraid of the WIND!  Sigh.

5.  Lily (the last kitty we adopted, or rather saved, from the hell that was Richmond) has finally, after an entire year of living in the kitchen (mostly on top of the counters) has ventured into the rest of the house.  She was actually sleeping in the living room last night, and seems to have staked out a spot. Just as we get ready to move....

Ok, I've run out of randomness.  Stay tuned, I might post again this week.  Shocker, right?!


  1. It's so tough when pets suffer. :-(

  2. I am so glad that it is human butts that I am still cleaning and not a cat's butt. LOL


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