Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Moving. Again.

Hi friends.  I have not dropped of the face of the earth, it just looks that way.  Lots going on around here, I barely have time to keep up with my must-see TV, much less surfing the internetz and blogging. The high points:

Our landlords decided to sell.  We decided to move.  They offered to let us stay until closing for less rent.  We said "screw that".  They are having major work done (roof, ripping up all the flooring, new kitchen), and I cannot deal with that kind of disruption in my life.  We declined.

Found a nice house in a new neighborhood about 20 minutes north of here, thanks to the realtor that we currently pay our rent to.  We're moving in 3 days.  OMG!  Hubby had spring break last week and did a ton of packing.  We've hired a truck and a couple of guys to load/unload it.

Still working like a crazy woman.  I like the money.

Got the results of my sleep study--oh my!  Apparently I have "severe obstructive sleep apnea" and will have to use a CPAP machine and oxygen at night for the foreseeable future.  Yay.

And that's about it.  Nothing exciting.

Just life.


  1. So glad you've found a nice home to move into. I hope you have spectacular views. Good luck with the move.

    I hope you'll let us know about how the CPap works for you. I was thinking of going for a sleep study, too, since I'm tired all the time.

  2. To be honest, that is a lot of exciting stuff! How "nice" of the landlords to offer to let you stay while the workers rip the house down around your ears. They should have PAID you to stay! Good Speed on the Move over.

  3. I think about you often. I hate that you are having to move again. But maybe the next place will be your 'forever' home. Good luck with the CPAP. Richard has sever sleep apnea as well, but he has always refused to wear the CPAP. Now he just sleeps with O2 on per cannula. Good to have you back to blogging.


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