Sunday, February 23, 2014

Ahhhhh, Two Whole Days OFF!

I work 6 days a week.  Monday-Friday at home, as a case manager for a health insurance company.  And on Sundays, every Sunday, I pull a 12 hour shift as a "regular" nurse.  Since last week was positively hellish, considering the whole landlord thing, I decided to take today off, my first Sunday off in about 6 months.  My wonderful husband went out to get us breakfast on Friday morning, and came back with these:

I truly love these little guys--they are so cool.  They are all characters in my favorite books ever, A Song of Ice and Fire, by George R. R. Martin.  It's been made into a hit show on HBO called A Game of Thrones.  I've got the first two seasons on Blu-Ray, and during his shopping trip, hubby also brought home Season 3.  After work on Friday, he made an amazing dinner--New York strip, garlic/parmesan mashed potatoes, and asparagus sauteed with pancetta. Damn.  To top it all off, he took me to lunch today, and is squirreled away in his office while I geek out to Game of Thrones.

BTW, the owner vist to our house went perfectly.  However, she hasn't decided if she's going to sell, or continue to lease to us.  So nothing is really resolved, but I'm feeling a little less stressed.

Thank you, Joe, for the wonderful weekend.  I really needed it, and you made it perfect.  You're the best husband, EVER!


  1. And he has the best wife ever! But I'll bet he knows that

  2. Sounds like a really great weekend! You sure deserve it! :-)


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