Saturday, December 21, 2013

Working at Home

One of my friends, Paula, asked how to go about getting one of these jobs.  By these jobs, she meant, in my context, a job where an RN can work at home.  Since I cannot, for the life of me, find her email address, here we go.  This one's for you, Paula!

How I Got This Job

It's really a bunch of coincidences that collided, which seems to have been the way I've gotten the jobs that I've been most happy in over the span of my career.

1.  I live in the largest city in New Mexico, home of the largest health system in the state.

2.  This health system isn't just hospitals, clinics, doctors--it is also the largest health insurer in the state.

3.  New Mexico, "drank the Koolaid" and accepted Federal funding under the Affordable Care Act to completely revamp Medicaid in New Mexico.  Unfortunately, that covers 1 in 3 New Mexicans. Fortunately, lots of those folks already were covered under my company's version of Medicaid and we'll be picking up even more members with the change in the income limits for Medicaid.

4.  I have a very specialized skill set with regards to Medicare/Medicare Advantage regulations after being a Director of Nursing in Skilled Nursing Facilities for the last 10 years, and they were looking for a case manager that could manage people who are on the health plan that are in skilled nursing facilities for short term rehab.

5.  Partially, dumb luck.  I was working at a facility as a DON here in Albuquerque, and the case manager for the building I was in made a comment that his team was down by a person, and how he was hoping another former DON would be part of the team.

6.  He left the building, I went in to my office, closed the door, and called him.  We talked about the position, how my skills would fit, and he forwarded my resume to his boss.  The interview/onboarding process took two months, but here I am, doing something that I have never done, working from home (this employer is VERY progressive that way), and going out to do face-to-face visits at the SNFs for a couple of hours a week, and having absolutely ZERO job stress.

I don't miss being a DON at all, but I'm sure glad I was, because this job would have never happened for me if I didn't have that experience.

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  1. Wow--what a twist of fate that you happened to have the conversation which led to your follow-up phone call.


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