Monday, July 21, 2014

Resurfacing for a Sunday Stealing

Sunday Stealing: Summer Meme

Favorite summer flower:  Trumpet Vine.

Flavor of ice cream: No sugar added butter pecan.  Mmmmmm.  One of the few ice creams that I can eat since the surgery.  Any "full-sugar" ice cream just makes me sick.

Mode of transportation: My feet.  I started walking 6 days a week about 2 months ago...Now I'm up to 40 minutes every morning at the crack of dawn, and the dog (and my health) is loving it.  I still have to talk my way through the whole thing, but my goal is an hour a day.  I'll get there!  The fact that I've kept this up for 2 months is a miracle.

Music: Blues, 60s and 70s stuff like Crosby, Stills & Nash, Allman Brothers, Buffalo Springfield, etc.

Food: Got this giant tub of blueberries from Costco the other day, OMG, they were sooooo good.

Favorite game to play: Couldn't say.  I'm not a big game player.

Earliest childhood summer memory: Running through the sprinkler in the front yard.  I was about 4, I think.

Favorite Drink: Sweet Tea.  Can't be from the South and not drink sweet tea, although I make mine with Splenda instead of 9 cups of sugar, LOL!

Favorite Snack: Chips and salsa, anywhere, anytime

Place to read: On the couch

Most annoying: Windy days.  It's like it's raining dust/sand.  Downside of living in the desert.

How I handle the heat: Doing my walk at the crack of dawn, which, since it's high desert (we're at 5600 feet), it's nice and cool.  Staying inside the rest of the time with the AC running.  Doing the evening dog walk after 8pm.

Pet Peeve: 100 degree temps.  Ugggg.  But, it's a DRYYYYYY heat.  LOL!

All-time favorite bathing suit: I don't know that I've ever had a favorite.  I've had body issues all my life, even when I was a "normal" size.  We're going back to Puerto Rico in May, and I'm already DREADING the whole bathing suit buying business.

Best Time of Day: Early morning.  It's nice and cool.  The quiet in my office when I first start the day.  It's peaceful.

Most romantic: Walking with hubby and the dog in the evening, talking about stuff.

Summer movie: I'm all about a good summer blockbuster.  For example, Pacific Rim was amazing--it came out July 1 2013.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

June Check-In

Yep, still alive.

What's been going on?

I moved.  Love the new house more than I thought I would.  This house feels more like a home than the last one.  It's the same square footage, but more compact.  I like that.  It's cozy without being cramped.

I do, however, miss the great view of the mountains we had.  We're at the bottom of a small valley here, and no view at all.....on the up side, we are around the corner from a nice park.  Green grass!  What a luxury in the desert....

Work is good.  I'm going to be making a change later in the year.  Same job, different team.  I'm excited to learn something completely different from the world I've been living in since 2003.  I'll still be working for the same health insurance company, but instead of skilled nursing facility case management, I'll be working on out-of-state/out-of-plan acute facilities.  It's mostly trauma, so I'll get to put those old ICU skills to work. It's all telephonic, so Joe can use the car to go to school without having to work around my needs.

I'm working on some healthier habits.  Walking every day (I love our park!).  Not eating after 6pm.  I've lost 6 lbs so far!  Woop, Woop!!

Planning next summer's BIG TRIP.  Yes, folks, we're going back to Puerto Rico for our 10th anniversary. Saving for the plane tickets has commenced.  Big work bonus in December will be the hotel and most of the spending money.  Even tho' it's a year away, I'm thinking ahead.  No credit cards this trip...just pure cash.  I can't wait!!!

My laptop died, so Joe graciously gave me his.  Now, we've got to buy him a new one before school starts in August....

On the up side, I've got Windows again.  I've had to use Linux on the old laptop since Windows got corrupted a few years ago.

Lucy, our obese kitty, who was 20 pounds?  She's now down to a svelte 16 pounds.  We switched her (and the rest of the "kids" to Wellness canned food, and feed twice a day.  She now can jump up on counters, she uses the litter box again (praise the lord!) and is all around a happier girl.  I cannot thank Lisa Pierson DVM at enough for her website and her extensive writings on obese cats--it changed my way of thinking about the kitties, and saved Lucy's life.

Joe starts at UNM (University of New Mexico) in the Electrical Engineering program in August.  I am so very proud of all his hard work.  Joe's a Lobo now!

We're summer binge-watching Scandal.  Wow.  Now that's a show that grabs you.  I also want to watch Orange is the New Black on HBO, and catch up on Strike Back on Cinemax.  Went to see X-Men last weekend.  It was pretty good.  I have a 25$ gift card for the theater that we're saving to go see Guardians of the Galaxy in August.

Speaking of watching stuff--when the overtime was jamming, we bought a 60" TV.  OMG.  I am still not tired of that thing.  It's huge.

I want to go see my cousin in the Fall.  Too flippin' hot in North Texas in the summer.  She is my only cousin, and we are the same age--born two days apart in the same hospital.  Hope I can organize that....

Well, there's your info-dump for June.

Have a fantastic 4th!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

All is Well

All is well here in New Mexico.  I'm just blogged out right now.  I'm still reading all my favorite folks--The Gal, Paula, Kwizgiver, Twin Lisa.  I'm sure I'll be back eventually, but right now, I need a break.

Have a wonderful Summer, everyone.


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Today's Randomness

Old house is mostly cleaned out, except for the garage.  Some of the stuff in there I'm looking at wondering....will THAT fit in the Mustang??  We ran out of room on the truck....or forgot it.  All the other rooms of the old house are empty and clean, except for the kitchen.  I'm so very over this whole thing at this point.

New house is chaotic, but the beds are finally put together, and my office is completely done.  I took an extra day off, so the next two days are going to be hellish, but, I keep telling my self, your office is totally together.  Thank goodness.

New wonderful thing--Lily the formerly-feral kitty, who lived in the kitchen in the old house, has turned in to a totally new cat.  I'm thinking it's because there are no "territories" in this house--she feels safe wandering all over the place at will.  The design of the house is more compact, even though it's the same square footage, which also seems to have something to do with it.

Got my CPAP machine today.  Slept with it on for a nap, which was weird.  I'm sure it will take some getting used to.  I look forward to not dying in my sleep in the near future :)

Lastly, one of the things we forgot at the old house was the coffee cups.

 NOTHING gets between me and my morning cup.

Friday, March 28, 2014

New House and Killer BBQ

We took possession of the new house today, even though it is still being worked on.  We drove up there, and walked through.  The entire interior of the house is being repainted.  Tomorrow morning, they will have the carpets cleaned as well as general cleaning.  I may not be thrilled about moving, but I'm looking forward to being out from under the stress of living in a house that is for sale.

After we left the house, we stopped at Home Depot and then headed to dinner.  We ate a new (to us) place in Rio Rancho--Rub'N'Wood BBQ.


I haven't had pulled pork that good since Joe and I were dating (RIP Double B BBQ in Mt. Airy, NC). The pork was great, the sauce was great, and OMG the potato salad.  We bantered back and forth with the owner and chef, Roger.  He sent out coleslaw for us to try (damn).  It was amazingly good.  We'll be going back!!

Not a bad evening, all things considered.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Two Days in a Row of Posting....I May Spontaneously Combust


1.  After just spending an hour or two reading posts from my bloggy friends, I realize I really miss regular blogging.  Hence, two posts in one day.

2.  The dog is having serious anxiety right now.  I feel so sorry for her.  Every sound outside sends her over the edge.  Cleaning sends her over the edge.  Packing sends her over the edge.  Poor baby--her hypervigilance started when she was sent to the pound by owners that moved, and wasn't helped by the hell that was Richmond.  I put her Thundershirt on her first thing, and put music on while I'm working, but she is still.....over the edge.  I just want the move to be over so she can start to relax again.

Not our girl, but thanks for the Image

3.  We have this kitty named Lucy.  She wasn't a lightweight when we got her, but she ballooned up to a crazy 20 pounds.  She couldn't clean her butt--let me tell you, shaving and scrubbing a cat's butt is no fun.  I did some research, and found this amazing website by Dr. Pierson.  We switched the cats to all wet food (Wellness), all the time.  Lucy started at 20 pounds (!!!) and is now 17 lbs.  She can clean her own butt again!!  She seems so much happier, and is definitely healthier!!  Thank you, Dr. Pierson!

4.  The wind is blowing like crazy.  Ginger guessed it, over the edge.  She is afraid of the WIND!  Sigh.

5.  Lily (the last kitty we adopted, or rather saved, from the hell that was Richmond) has finally, after an entire year of living in the kitchen (mostly on top of the counters) has ventured into the rest of the house.  She was actually sleeping in the living room last night, and seems to have staked out a spot. Just as we get ready to move....

Ok, I've run out of randomness.  Stay tuned, I might post again this week.  Shocker, right?!

Moving. Again.

Hi friends.  I have not dropped of the face of the earth, it just looks that way.  Lots going on around here, I barely have time to keep up with my must-see TV, much less surfing the internetz and blogging. The high points:

Our landlords decided to sell.  We decided to move.  They offered to let us stay until closing for less rent.  We said "screw that".  They are having major work done (roof, ripping up all the flooring, new kitchen), and I cannot deal with that kind of disruption in my life.  We declined.

Found a nice house in a new neighborhood about 20 minutes north of here, thanks to the realtor that we currently pay our rent to.  We're moving in 3 days.  OMG!  Hubby had spring break last week and did a ton of packing.  We've hired a truck and a couple of guys to load/unload it.

Still working like a crazy woman.  I like the money.

Got the results of my sleep study--oh my!  Apparently I have "severe obstructive sleep apnea" and will have to use a CPAP machine and oxygen at night for the foreseeable future.  Yay.

And that's about it.  Nothing exciting.

Just life.